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I am grateful!

"Kelly is an incredible health coach. Her knowledge base is over the top. She is passionate about helping people conquer their poor eating habits. Her approach is both professional and unique. Whether you're a high level athlete looking for an edge over the competition, a recreational athlete looking to feel great, or a beginner seeking to lose weight, working with Kelly is essential in building an overall fitness plan."


"Kelly taught me so much about healthy eating and positive ways to take care of myself. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her generosity. She always gave me a book, an herb, a recipe to help me on my journey. I am much healthier and happier now."

Amy Salamone

"Health Coach Kelly Pickering is wonderful! I have struggled with weight & body image for most of my adult life. Kelly showed me how to improve my health and quality of life; she was encouraging, compassionate and never passed judgement. She taught me the value of eating foods to improve body function by sharing recipes and actually preparing/cooking food with me. We discussed positive self-talk, journaling and changing unhealthy habits by meeting twice a month. Kelly gave me the information I needed as I continue to reach healthy, realistic goals on my weight-loss journey."


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"Kelly's group program for nutritional and lifestyle coaching was the most informative program that I have ever participated in. The breadth of information was incredible and I learned so much about nutrition, spirituality and living a better life. I have taken the suggestions that I have learned and directly applied them into my life. The best thing about the program was the group dynamic. Kelly was great at managing the dynamic and I was able to learn from and share information with the other participants. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to live a better overall life, especially nutritionally, participate in this program. You won't be sorry."


"Kelly is a wonderful nutrition and healthy living coach. I thought I already knew a lot about healthy eating and living, but Kelly taught me so much more about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I am still using the recipes I learned, and often refer back to the materials she provided when I need a reminder to get back on track. Meeting with Kelly was one of the best things I've done for my health!"


I met Kelly through a woman's group we were both involved in and I immediately wanted to find out more about her as a health coach. I was not sure what a health coach did, but after speaking to Kelly, I wanted her help for myself and my family. We have all benefited from my sessions with Kelly and continue to practice what I have learned through her program. We feel better informed and more empowered to make positive choices in our life. Through Kelly's coaching my family has enjoyed better, healthier foods, focused on our well-being, both physically and mentally and I try to instill the importance of health and well-being to our daughter. Thanks Kelly, you have made a big difference in our lives.

Tara Burtt

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"I found Kelly's coaching on nourishing my primary needs to be equal in importance to the nutritional advise she so abundantly shared. The bi-monthly sessions gave me time to work on one change at a time and her gifts of new foods to try, recipes, tools and books made those changes accessible immediately. No excuse about not having had the time to go to the health food store! Kelly is a radiant result of good health practices and certainly leads by example. Plus she's an encouraging, compassionate, good humored person who will put you at ease from the first session."


"Have you ever met someone new and within minutes felt like you’ve known them forever? Well that’s how I felt the first time I met Kelly. A health coach session was part of a yoga package I bought, so I decided to give it a try. I was kind of in a funk and figured what the heck. It turned out to be the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Kelly has so much great information to share and she helped me take an introspective look at myself. She has a special way of motivating you and keeping you honest with yourself without pressuring you. Kelly helps you focus on the positive and let the negative go. Each session taught me something new, things that I still use today. Thank you Kelly, I will always consider you a special friend."


"Kelly's knowledge of her field is surpassed only by her genuine compassion regarding the well-being of her clients. She is thorough, accommodating, mindful and supportive in each and every interaction. Kelly's personalized instruction guided me as I made meaningful changes leading to the more healthful lifestyle I desired. Thank you, Kelly!"


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